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I am a family-based, California-licensed attorney. A family-based attorney is not the same as a “family-law attorney.” A family-based attorney seeks to address and assist the family with any legal issues that surround a typical family. Typical legal issues that touch an average family include financial and consumer issues (consumer law and probate law), probate and estate-planning issues (probate law) and, of course, family-law issues (family law). In my years of experience, I have learned that a typical family deals with many issues as a family; for instance, a person going through divorce, needing to consider bankruptcy in wake of their impending divorce and/or needing to consider short-sale or foreclosure for the family residence because they can no longer afford to keep up with payments. In other instances, a family having concerns regarding their elderly parents (Conservatorship law and/or probate law). I feel it important to have cross-over knowledge and experience of these additional legal issues in order to properly counsel my clients. Continue reading →

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