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After reading the Los Angeles Times article “Polls: Americans closely divided on same-sex marriage” today, I felt compelled to write a post blog about this issue–because, ironically, it’s at the heart of divorce.    In almost all cases, we see the fight as only between the advocates of same-sex marriage and the objectors to same-sex marriage.  The typical argument made by the advocate for same-sex marriage is that it’s their constitution right to marry–and other arguments of this nature; conversely, the objectors argue that it’s not “biblical”, defining “marriage as between a man and a woman. . . . for purposes of procreation.”  Both sides have strong arguments, but in many respects, they are missing the point of “marriage.” At least in California, there is another arguments that needs to be put forward, which, dare I say it, I believe supersedes both sides of the argument. . . . it’s merely an insurance policy! Continue reading →

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