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This is the second entry in my blog series entitled “California Court’s Consideration in Making Custody Awards.”   As stated in Part 1, I am writing this series due to the number of emails and calls I receive on a weekly basis from California parents regarding their custody cases. It’s my hope to help shed a little light on this contentious issue so that my reader is better able to navigate his/her way in the legal system regarding their custody case and increase their chances of winning in court. This blog post focuses on abuse and domestic violence as it relates to the “Best Interests of the Child” Standard. Continue reading →

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Approximately 65% of the inquiries I receive in my California Family Law practice deal with custody cases.  As many people reading this blog post already know, custody cases are the most heart-wrenching, time-consuming and most expensive cases in California family law courts.  These blog is part of a series I will be writing on over the next few weeks regarding California family law custody move-away cases. Part 1 deals with the necessity of the court undertaking an analysis of the child’s need for stability and continuity—which is a major factor to be determined by a judge in California move-away cases. Continue reading →

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I am a family-based, California-licensed attorney. A family-based attorney is not the same as a “family-law attorney.” A family-based attorney seeks to address and assist the family with any legal issues that surround a typical family. Typical legal issues that touch an average family include financial and consumer issues (consumer law and probate law), probate and estate-planning issues (probate law) and, of course, family-law issues (family law). In my years of experience, I have learned that a typical family deals with many issues as a family; for instance, a person going through divorce, needing to consider bankruptcy in wake of their impending divorce and/or needing to consider short-sale or foreclosure for the family residence because they can no longer afford to keep up with payments. In other instances, a family having concerns regarding their elderly parents (Conservatorship law and/or probate law). I feel it important to have cross-over knowledge and experience of these additional legal issues in order to properly counsel my clients. Continue reading →

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