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In my California family-law practice, helping clients deal with contested custody cases and domestic-violence issues is common-place.  On the other hand, helping my clients manage and keep conflict to a minimum is a completely different story. In high-conflict cases, such as domestic-violence cases or contested custody cases, the underlying components that prevent the parties from effectively communicating with one another are anger, animosity and sometimes, dare it say it, hate.  As attorneys, we are limited as to what we can do to minimize the conflict and combustion that takes place between the parties behind the scenes of their court case.  For example, in high-conflict custody cases, it’s common, if not typical, for parents to text each other throughout the day, almost to the point of harassment, interweaving nasty accusations and abusive statements in connection with a simple gesture such as mom picking up Little Jimmy at daycare; or, a restrained party violating CLETS restraining orders and continuing to text the protected person.    Sound familiar? Continue reading →

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