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In my California family-law practice, I am constantly asked if it’s okay for a parent to waive child support. When asked, the reasons for considering waiving child support are as follows: Mom doesn’t want Father to seek custody and visitation; 2) Father asks Mother to not seek child support in consideration of Father not seeking custody or visitation; 3) Mother is afraid Father will not pay spousal support if Mother seeks child support. These are but a few examples of why one or both parents may not ask or seek child support. The purpose of this blog post is to shed light on what the law says regarding child support, to include whether or not a parent is allowed to waive child support. Continue reading →

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This blog post is Part 3 in my 6-part blog series dealing with California custody move-away cases.  As stated in Parts 1 and 2 of this series, about 65% of the inquiries I receive in my California Family Law Practice deal with custody matters.  Move-away cases are under the family-law umbrella of custody. Part 3 of this blog series focuses on the situation where one parent seeking to move shares joint physical custody of the child and what the California courts do under such circumstances.

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